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TwistMe, a cowl pattern

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Everyone loves cowls right? Well this one is no exception!

The “TwistMe” is a fun and fast project with various stitches, from knit, purl, yarn overs, knit 2 tog. This project is for an advanced beginner.

One might also call this a mobious, because as the name suggests it is twisted and therefore it is a twisted cowl, a mobious. The pattern features written instructions, a video on how to place beads and a written tutorial for the mobious instructions.

The pattern gives instructions for the specific yarn called “TwistMe” by yarnz2GO, as well as alternative yarns and amounts needed. If using alternative yarns, you will need to keep switching between 6 yarns throughout the project.

Other yarn ideas would be the following:
1) Quail by Mary Gavan (115 yards)
2) Mesa by Mary Gavan (60 yards)
3) Sea by Mary Gavan (55 yards)
4) Canyon by Mary Gavan (40 yards)
5) Mesa by Mary Gavan (50 yards secondary color)
6) Canyon by Mary Gavan (50 yards in secondary color)
We like the textures, the sheen and the drape of these yarns~

You will need a circular knitting needle in size 6 in a 24 or 29” length. You also will need a stitch marker and a size 6 (1mm) crochet hook. Beads in size 6 in two colors about 30 in golden glass bead and about 65 in a grey/silver glass bead.

The cowl is long enough to twist twice around your neck and shown in the photos are several ideas on how to wear your TwistMe.

Do enjoy your project!

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