Petra Breakstone

Poetic color, pattern

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Colorful, texture rich and various yarn weights make up this pretty rectangular shawl. Worked bottom up, starting with the pretty lace border. Moving up to the many changes in yarns that make this shawl stand out. There are interesting stitch patterns as well as simple stockinette knitting. Framing the top edge is an I-cord bind off done with two yarns held together to give it more prominence.

Over all, this shawl is a real pleasure to knit!

Measurements blocked: 73” by 14”. 

The pattern is written, has been tech edited, test knitted, has 2 lace charts and video links for your knitting pleasure~

Yarn used as shown
C1- 1 skein of Bambon, DK weight 154 yards, used 149 yards.
C2 to C8 - 1 skein of Yarnology 238 yards in various textures, weights & colors.
C - 9 - Midi skein of sport weight
C - 10 - Mini skein of sport weight
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Or use your stash:
C - 1, a DK weight 150 yards.
C - 2 to 8 in 7 portions of 34 yards each in fingering, sport, DK, worsted weights, mixed textures. Each Part of the pattern will explain the yarn weights used.
C9- sport weight, 80 yards
C10- sport weight, 10 yards. or get simply add the pattern to our Yarnz2go shopping cart

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