Vintage Button Necklace #4

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I have always liked buttons and purchased them, without really having a need for them. As you can see they can be very special little art pieces indeed. I believe you can feel the history in these lovely pieces and...how great is it to recycle in a meaningful and artistic way~ 

Vintage flat mother of pearl carved button with striking design from a private collection of the 40's.

Unusual two tone button with part of it being in an almost khaki like color that shows unusual lines, almost a separate design. The secondary color is a dark grey.

Hand crocheted linen and viscose blend fiber in a mushroom color, very neutral used to create the necklace part.

Total length of necklace 13", vintage button 1 and 1/2" diameter, 2 mm thick, unique stone bead 7mm in diameter for the back.

Ready to be given to someone special...

Wear it by itself or with another one of a kind button necklace, to make a statement.

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