Rondo bag

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Rondoa sweet and as the name suggests a very stylish round bag with one good size inside pocket. You may decide to use it as your regular day to day bag, as it is just so adorable.  

The drawstring closure keep things safely inside and also acts as a handle. The bottom and the sides are fully lined, so the bag stands alone, which makes a great project bag for knitters and crocheters, as your yarn can be pulled out easily from the middle. Double sided use of fabric. So it looks pretty inside and out.

Diameter 28"

Height 5"

Each of my whimsical bags are made one by one with great care. Decorator designer fabrics are chosen for their design elements and placed to compliment each other and give a bit of a surprise to each design.

Each bag gets made to order, so please allow 4 to 7 days before shipping. Your bag gets shipped via USPS, either First Class or Priority Mail.

You might like a project kit to christen your new bag. I'll be happy to fill your new bag with one...


Rondo (= French: rondeau) form involves the use of a recurrent theme between a series of varied episodes. The rapid final movement of a Classical concerto or symphony is often in rondo form.