NEW! Textured yarn cakes

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Yarnz2go's new Textured yarn cakes in a linen plied with cotton which drapes beautifully and feels light and airy.

Each cake holds 250 yards and is wound into a yarn cake, because the first few projects that I created with this yarn used two strands held together and switched into a marled look to blend into another color. So I thought I make two options available the smaller cakes for smaller projects and the big skeins seen HERE.

Held as a single strand these cakes give you a light fingering weight, held double by pulling a strand from the middle (very convenient) and a strand from the outside of the cake creates a sport weight yarn. See the projects below, they are all held double.

A 30% Linen/70% Cotton blend in a thick and thin yarn, perfect for vegans or people with wool allergies. The yarn also adds delicious textures to your projects.

Find your color(s) now....

You can also get full skeins holding 500 yards right HERE

Join the test knit right now for this new "Casual Delft shawl"

The all new  cowl called Blending is knitted with 1 cake each in colors Lettuce and Nougat. Get the kit HERE.

The all new 4 Color cowl knitted with 1 cake each in 4 colors. The kit is enough to knit two cowls. Great for the upcoming holidays. Get the kit HERE.

The all new Inna shawl knitted with 3 cakes each and in 2 colors, for a total of 6 cakes used.  Click HERE

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