Crema Cardigan Knit Pattern

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Cuddle up in Crema.

Literally it's like a blanket on the go... 

Luxurious, purely decadent! You can see the fluffiness in this what almost feels like a coat with it's length and delicious fullness. Comfort and simple beauty with an elegant feel. It can easily be worn even over a sweater, as the sleeves are super comfortable and full. The knitted cables are simple and a joy to knit.

Pattern suitable for the advanced beginner.
For bust sizes 34/36, 38/40, 42/44, 46/48, 50/52.

Finished measurements: (unblocked)
Length: 33/ 33/ 33.5/ 34/ 34.5” Width: 47/ 50/ 53/ 59/ 62” in width.. Armhole openings 8/ 8/ 8.5/ 9 /9.5 ”. Sleeves: 20/ 20/ 20/ 30/ 30 ” wide and 22/ 22/ 22/ 22/ 22” in length.

Yarns: Fluff, an extremely luxurious heavy worsted weight yarn by yarnz2GO.com
1400/ 1500/ 1650/ 1825/ 1950 yards.

Alternatively you can use 3 strands of a kid seta and a smooth bamboo or other non wool with a bit of a sheen to get the LOOL~

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There are more options....

The Crema Cardigan Knit KIt

The Crema matching Hat Knit Kit

The Crema E-book with both the card and hat pattern.

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