Concerto bag

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Concerto, a beautiful full size bag that can go anywhere with or without your knitting....

In fact I feel that way about all these bags, they are not just for your crafting supplies, This is one of those bags you want to make your main bag to use. It feels yummy, subtle and rich.

The bottom and lower sides of the bag are fully lined and use designer fabrics inside and outside. So your bag will look pretty looking at it from the outside and looks pretty when you grab something from inside the bag. The upper part and the handles feature a vegan leather, "pleather" fabric. The main body sports pockets all around the inside as well as the outside. So there is plenty of storage.  

Height 12"

Width 16"

Depth 7"

Handle 30"

Each of my whimsical bags are made one by one with great care. Decorator designer fabrics are chosen for their design elements and placed to compliment each other and give a bit of a surprise. Some even have sweet embroidery features that add to their personalities.

Each bag gets made to order, so please allow 4 to 7 days before shipping. Your bag gets shipped via USPS, either First Class or Priority Mail.

You might like a project kit to christen your new bag. I'll be happy to fill your new bag with one..


A concerto is a piece of instrumental music that contrasts a solo instrument or a small group of solo instruments with the main body of the orchestra. In the earlier 17th century the word had a more general significance, but in the early 18th century it came to mean primarily a work thus described.


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