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Banks skoncho pattern

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BANKS, is a skirt but it can also be worn as a poncho, so it’s a “skoncho” really!

I love it when I get multiple ways out of my knitted projects, don’t you? 
Knitted in the round with 4 color changes and a bit of easy stranded knitting, a slightly ruffled bottom edge and an I-cord with big round disk beads to let you adjust the top part. Brilliant!

For HIP sizes measured around your widest part of your hips in inches: 
32”, (33/34, 35/36, 37/38), (39/40, 41/42, 43/44), (45/46, 47/48), 0.5-1.5” positive ease, shown in size 35/36 with 0.5” of ease. 
About 19” long.

Theodora’s Pearls in Auxanometer, a fingering weight bamboo yarn. 
C1 - Onyx 
680 (725/760/810) (855/900/935) (980/1020) yards 
C2 - Goldenrod 
37 (39/40/43) (46/48/50) (53/55) yards 
C3 - Agave 
5 (5/5/5.5) (6/6/6.5) (6.5/7) yards 
C4 - Little Red Corvette 
5 (5/5/5.5) (6/6/6.5) (6.5/7) yards

NOTE: Usually Yarnz2go has knit kits available, though at this time the stock is a bit limited, so no kits. Sorry!

Alternatively: Fingering/Sock yarn.

US size 1 (2.25 mm) circular needle 36” in length (32” for smallest size) 
US size 5 (3.75 mm) circular needle 36” or 40” in length 
US size 1 (2.25 mm) in a double pointed needle or short circular to work I-cord with optional 
1 Stitch marker 
2 Disk beads about 1” in size 
Darning needle for finishing

12 sts and 17 rows in 2” of Stockinette stitch with smaller needle knitted flat. 
NOTE: I am a loose knitter, you may not be so it is imperative to do a gauge swatch to see which needle size will work for you to get the proper fit. Some test knitters used a size 4 needle to get gauge.

Written pattern, tech edited and test knitted.

Enjoy your Banks skoncho at a discounted price through June 22nd.

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