Chiara vest, custom knit

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Chiara, Italian origin meaning "light, clear” pronounced "kee-AH-ra"

This vest is certainly that, light and airy as a feather. It is also very stylish.

Chiara has many, many looks! With two distinct borders that when you flip your vest upside down or right side up for a different look. Place the armholes over your head creating a poncho, wear the back in the front and flip the sides over your shoulders and so on. A truly versatile piece to add to your wardrobe. 

The sizes range from S- 34 to 38",  M - 40 to 44" and L - 46 to 50".

The yarn is a cool combination of linen and cotton. The yarn shown on the left side when ordering is used for the borders and the yarn to the right is used for the middle part.

Hand wash, lay flat to dry recommended.

Allow 3 to 5 weeks for delivery. Each item is hand made stitch by stitch, to order just for you. You can’t rush a good thing. Of course shipping also takes time.

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