Mothers Day Knitting….

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With Mothers Day on May 10th, it's time to get prepared.

Mom's love a handmade gift, especially ones that you create for them. Question is what to make? Well, there is the issue of time and your ability to finish a project. Are you ok by starting a fabulous shawl for her?

Or are you struggling with your time and can't commit to something big? In that case, how about a beautiful knitted necklace? It won't take much time, nor materials but it really would make a special gift for your mom!

Then there is a Mom that likes knitting herself. In that case how about a fun knit kit for her? That will make her happy~

Anyway these are just a few ideas on how to treat your ever lovin Mom on her special day.

Make your choice and if you need assistance, click on the link below for more inspiration….

Click here for more...

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