Welcome to yarnz2GO!

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Welcome to yarnz2Go!

My name is Petra Breakstone, knit and crochet wear designer and former yarn store owner. I am now running my small scale online yarn shop, offering complete Knit Kits, my own original designer knit and crochet patterns, yarns and more.

As a small business owner of course I do everything myself from designing, knitting, crocheting, Website design, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Ravelry, write my own patterns, wind yarns, package kits, publish patterns, newsletters, customer service, packaging, shipping. I know there must be more, I just can't think of it now, I am tired looking back to what I wrote~ lol….

Click on the live links and on individual photos to see more options!

I hope this site will be exciting for knitters and crocheters alike finding complete kits with yarns, beads and buttons when applicable. Offering creative and a bit out of the ordinary accessories, knit and crochet wear. Do check back often as new yarns, patterns and kits become available quite often. I hope you like what you see!

Click on everything~

For me knitting is like Therapy with sticks and some string...

Thank you for stopping by and happy creating~


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  • Hollie Giampietro on

    Received a coupon in my last delivery of yarn for “Enjoy15%off” says it not any good that’s it’s done. Sorry

  • Karen Bradley on

    I cannot find a pattern for one of your samples that you have available for purchase. And I can’t paste the image here, either, to identify it. I can only tell you that it is a while shawl and identified as “Cotton Wrap” for $27. Is there a pattern for purchase? Thanks for your attention. Karen Bradley

  • Karla Sanneman on

    I know I’ve asked this before but something happened to my downloads. I have ordered yarn from you and was supposed to get patterns also. Is there a way to check my order history so I can re-download the patterns?

  • Christy Bickham on

    Hey Petra, started my Ainsley Shawl and have a question. Do you usually just carry the yarn colors you’re not using up the sides or do you cut them if you have one of those long runs ,say like the 19 or 10.5 inch rows? Thanks, Christy…love the yarns I bought

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