I am so excited! I came up with a new crochet stitch!!

I actually came up with a new original crochet stitch.....

What do you know. Almost 30 years ago, I first crocheted a tunic with this stitch. I had never followed any patterns up to that point and just tried something on my own. Well it turned out no one recognized this stitch of mine, including well know crochet experts and crochet teachers.

So I had a naming contest just recently on Instagram and Facebook. 

The result: ChainLink

Thanks to two ladies suggestions, that I loved immediately by the way, I finally have a name for my stitch. Thank you Lynda and Desiree!

So of course I am busy creating new projects with my ChainLink stitch of course. I am happy to say that so far I came up with two tunics, one of them of course the one I made a long time ago and another very slinky one as one crocheter calls it. Plus a new shawl and a poncho. All except the poncho are being tested right now.

See my newest edition of my Newsletter with at least three project using my new stitch.

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